Napoli Series despite winning two goals, Inler: That Error of Our Own

Naples Napoli have not been able to end a series without a series victory after only playing against Palermo, despite two goals had excelled quickly. Gokhan Inler Partenopei player admits his side must improve.

4 giornata host Palermo in Serie A, on Thursday (09/25/2014) pm dawn, Napoli had a 2-0 lead when the game has been running for 11 minutes. However, the advantage was wasted with Palermo has managed to equalize the score was 2-2 when the game has up to 24 minutes.

After that Napoli was winning again, though ultimately Palermo equalized again in the second half and made ​​the game ended with the score 3-3.

The team started very well and scored two quick goals. We thought we would be able to live a fun game,” said Inler told Sky Sport Italia.

It was our own fault. We must not be missed on the counter-attack like that of Palermo. We really need to clean up.

The relationship with the coach is fine, because we‘ve done well last season. He told us the players have to give maximum effort and perform better in the next game,” he said.

Kekurangsolidan last line is also known as been haunted Napoli since last season. Inler was asked why until this season it’s still not resolved.

Easy for you journalists to ask, but it was not easy for us. Indeed we missed too many easy through a counterattack, but the only thing that can help now is training well, learn our mistakes and become more good, “said Inler as reported by Football Italia.

Napoli drove now winless in three straight party Serie A. After opening the season with a 2-1 win at Genoa headquarters, a team that last season finished in the top three and lost 0-1 at home to Chievo, subject Udinese 0-1 in HQ , and is now comparable with Palermo. These results make the squad was made ​​by Rafael Benitez is still struggling in position 10.