Milan Will Find The Best Way to Beat Juve

Milan AC Milan will face a tough opponent, Juventus, in the Italian League this weekend. Rossoneri are going to look for the best way to beat the Bianconeri.

Milan look perfect in the first two games of Serie A. After defeating Lazio 3-1, they won nine goals against Parma drama with a final score of 5-4.

With the two victories, while Milan is perched in the top Italian league. They occupy a position capolista, superior goal difference from the Old Lady and AS Roma.

Milan could move away from Juve this weekend. I Diavolo Rosso will host Juventus at the San Siro on Sunday (09/21/2014) pm dawn.

Aware that Juve is a strong team, penggawa Milan, Andrea Poli, stating that the team made by Filippo Inzaghi, is looking for ways to beat the Turin team.

Allegri does not much change the way of playing Juventus who play under the tutelage of Conte. Predictions I‘ve never liked. Each game stands alone. They are extraordinary team and the game can be determined by one episode,” Poli said on Football Italia.

The concentration will be on the highest level and we will have the support of the fans, who will fill our spirit.”

It will be a summit meeting between the two teams that played two outstanding games so far.”

They are very strong, for three years they are able to league titles, and they are the team to beat. We prepare the best way to try to beat them,” he added.