The Fast Runners waiting in line Home the Gunners

London Before the arrival of Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck, Arsenal already have fast players in Theo Walcott himself. Now the Gunners got three and Walcott can not wait to play with Sanchez and Welbeck.

It goes without saying how Walcott in the dribbling ability to remember, speed is a weapon the player is 25 years. Already then he was rarely scored after doing sprints near the penalty box.

Walcott himself had owned a record-breaking run of 4.72 seconds that is Thierry Henry for a distance of 40 meters, before it was broken by Manchester United’s young players Hector Bellerin.

2014/2015 season, Walcott will have a colleague at the same time new competitors who are also proficient in terms of speed and instincts goal is quite okay. They are Sanchez and Welbeck.

Sanchez himself also plays just like Walcott, the attacking wing and got the okay acceleration while in the field. Meanwhile Welbeck despite the striker position also has speed not less good.

The attackers this is going to be Arsenal’s capital to compete in various competitions this season. With the model of a target man like Olivier Giroud and Yaya Sanogo, the presence of Walcot et al. it can enrich the team game.

No doubt this makes Walcott can not wait to play again soon recovered completely from the injury