Explain Conte Disputes between Juve and Italy

Turin Italy national team‘s new coach, Antonio Conte, has denied rumors that he bersteru with his former team before joining the national team, Juventus.

Conte reportedly involved with servicing scramble Juventu as a central defender Giorgio Chiellini. The central defender is currently recovering injury.

“There was no talk about Chiellini, we will need this experience to handle this kind of problem with a better time, either of our own or of Juventus,” Conte said as quoted by the Italian Football.

But I’m here to unite and not divide. It’s just a misunderstood incident and has now ended, as Giorgio is injured and will not play, he added.

Italy will face Norway in the first game in Group H EURO 2016 Qualifying on Wednesday morning (09.10.14).

Are there consequences of this case? With Juve‘s no problem, it is true that we should give priority to the spirit of collaboration (between club team) if we want to achieve important things, the 45-year-old coach concluded.