Admit Juve Had Difficulty, Allegri Sanjung Buffon

Bergamo Despite a 3-0 win, the club did not achieve it with ease. Gianluigi Buffon getting praise from coach Massimiliano Allegri because it plays an important part.

Atleti Azzurri d’travel to Italy on Sunday (28/09/2014) pm dawn, Juve had to wait until the 35th minute to open the scoring through Carlos Tevez.

Having struggled to find gaps in the defense Atalanta, Juve even almost conceded in the 59th minute when Giorgio Chiellini fruitful foul penalty. Luckily for them, Buffon successfully thwarted ekseskusi German Denis penalty.

Not long hose from the penalty, Juve even increase the advantage. Tevez scored his second, before Alvaro Morata finalize party Great Lady‘.

This is a big win. Rome first win, so there’s a little more pressure on us to win.’s Not easy, because Atalanta very strong at home,” Allegri said, referring to the Roman victory over Hellas Verona a few moments earlier.

We are having difficulty in the first 10 minutes and the ball does not drain well, so we tend to be unreadable. Players have worked well, then Buffon determine the final outcome,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

Allegri has given great praise to Buffon on his impressive rescue. Indirectly, the 36-year-old goalkeeper provide great momentum for the second goal Tevez.

I think the difference between Buffon and all other keeperkeeper is he almost always can be tested during the game, he can still do important rescue when needed. That you are testing a true champion,” said Allegri as reported by Football Italia.
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