Red, Green, and Blue Eyes Cast on Van Gaal

Red, Green, and Blue Eyes Cast on Van Gaal

Manchester With the great success that has been gained in many different clubs, Louis van Gaal has different training methods. One is the ability to categorize and player characters based on color.

Since starting to become head coach in 1991, has won dozens of prestigious titles Van Gaal. Trophies that he can spread from the Netherlands, Spain and Germany. That does not include the personal rewards that meet the trophy cupboard.

63-year-old manager had a unique training method related approach he has done to the players. Broadly speaking, he divides the players into three different categories based on a specific color.

Players that blue is their intellectual and always look for structure and safety-related work on the field. Player green are those that are very emotional, sensitive to various atmospheric conditions and different emotions that occur in the squad. Player red is a creative, full of energy , willing to work and always focus on the future, said Van Gaal.

As a manager, I was able to work with each of the players category,” said the former coach of Ajax Amsterdam, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Van Gaal statement is contained in a book entitled My Vision. Thus quoted from the Mirror.

Still about the training methods used, the man who had also coached the Dutch national team was called if he had his own standards he called TIPS. TIPS stands for technique (technique), imagination (imagination / creativity), personality (personality) and speed (velocity).

When I studied the monitor or a player, I use TIPS. It is a technique, imagination (the ability to read what is on the field before receiving the ball), personality and speed.”

Over the years, I realized that P for personality (personality) becomes more important because a virtual environment in which we live today,he said again.