Positive reaction Cech Mourinho Praised

Positive reaction Cech Mourinho Praised

London Petr Cech’s status as the number one goalkeeper Cech Chelsea threatened and must start with the familiar bench. Because Cech showed a positive reaction, he was praised by manager Jose Mourinho.

Since recruited from Rennes in 2004, Cech was always a top choice under the rule of the Blues. However, the situation began to change in the season.

The return of the loan Thibaut Courtois makes Chelsea now have two strong goalkeepers. Cech had to work harder to convince Mourinho to choose him.

However, Mourinho prefers Courtois and stoke Cech for the first Premier League match against Burnley, earlier this week. Courtois appear quite impressive despite conceding a single goal.

Although relegated to the bench, Cech remain professional and not cranky. This is what makes Mourinho praised.

He is a top professional. He worked as usual, behave as usual,” said Mourinho on Sky Sports.

Is he completely happy? I’m not sure.’s Not just him, but all the players who did not become a starter. Period is heavy for them and for me because there’s only one game each week, the first three games, they will certainly feel that some players appear more frequently and some are not, he said.

In September, we had the League Cup, Premier League and Champions League. There will be three games each week and all teams play with the rotation, rest players, and make decisions. September it easier for them and for me because all the players feel much better, “said Mourinho.

Behavior Petr fantastic and it is important,” he said.