Claiming Manolas Reject Juve sake of Rome

Claiming Manolas Reject Juve sake of Rome

Roma new player Kostas Manolas Roma do not want to be under the shadow of Mehdi Benatia which place he replaced. Manolas also said that although he has chosen Rome by a number of other big clubs including Juventus.

Manolas join the club of Rome shortly after the release Benatia to Bayern Munich. Do not want to be compared to its predecessor, the 23-year defender point out that currently existing in Rome was herself and not Benatia.

Benatia is a top player., But he past: I was present,” said Manolas at Soccerway.

Manolas then reveals that he actually invited by a number of other clubs before eventually dropping the option to the Giallorossi. The decision itself it dropped for a number of reasons.

I had got an offer from a large number of clubs, including Juventus., But I decided to come to Rome. I want to come to Rome. Lot of people are saying good things (of Rome) to me. Suggestion they have brought me and my decision to come here, Greece’s international players call it.

This club has a big target. I want to win the Scudetto, as well as all of the players in our squad. We also can go far in the Champions League. I know the club has big expectations and I was able to play a part. I will work hard to not disappoint the club , “said Manolas.