Agger Perceiving about his future

Agger Perceiving about his future

Liverpool Daniel Agger Is going to survive or to pull out of Liverpool, there is no certainty. The player himself gave all his decision to Liverpool.

At the beginning of the summer transfer window, Agger reportedly targeted by Arsenal, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. However, The Guardian mentions none of the serious bid for Liverpool. Barca eventually even proposed to Thomas Vermaelen and Jeremy Mathieu.

With the arrival of Dejan Lovren, Agger increasingly difficult to get a place in the first team. Nevertheless, he did not force Liverpool to sell. He prefers to surrender.

The future looks so complicated,” said Agger.

There are some things that need to be straightened out, new from there we see again how it goes. I myself do not know what will happen. Everything depends on Liverpool.”

Agger admitted, an injury that could smother makes him difficult to maintain a place in the first team. Especially when looking at Liverpool already have a good composition is difficult to be disturbed.

I am disturbed injury at the wrong time and I have to admit, it is very difficult to change the team that has been solid, especially when it starts to reap the victory.”